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Navy is a branch of the military operating mainly on water. Generally, the Navy is the oldest branch of the armed services of any country. The US Navy is under the control of the Department of Navy.

Many countries differentiate between the warfare of the three military forces – Army, Navy and Air Force; and in some countries, the three are independent forces. However, modern day navy uses a combination of ships, boats, submarines, and aircrafts launched from aircraft carriers. The US Navy has a wide variety of military-based equipment like ballistic missile submarines, aircraft carriers, surface warships, attack submarines, land-based aircraft, and amphibious vessels.

Merchant Navy is a British and Commonwealth term for the civilian seafaring industry. The same is merchant marine in US Navy. This means that the civilian sea vessels can come under the control of military authorities if seafaring during wartime.

For a layman, it may seem that naval combat is very simple as there are no civilians, no cover and the area of war is level and flat. The Navy has therefore no need to surpass formidable topographical limitations, or safeguard the interests of the public. However, the real scene is something very different. The changing water depths, weather, the speed of the actual combat, detection danger, and the presence of land are in fact very formidable to overcome. The US Navy is the branch of the United States armed forces responsible for naval operations.

The basic idea of all the three branches of military combat is fire and movement. A fleet of ships of any Navy can travel hundreds of kilometers in a single day. The key point is to detect the enemy while avoiding self-detection. A lot of effort goes into making the forces undetectable. The US Navy has more than 300 ships and over 4,000 operational aircraft.

Navy prefers the open sea. This is because the land presence and the bottom topology make it easier for an enemy to predict the fleet location. The oceans surrounding America make the US Navy an important part of the military.

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